Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Before and after: from drought to flood in the valley.

Today I thought it might be interesting to share with you the recent changes in the contours of the valley.

Here is a series of before and after pictures showing you just how much the waters have risen. There were ten days of rain before any noticeable change occurred. Then, in two days, the river rose rapidly. There was more rain again last night. I am pretty sure the water will have risen again for May Day. But that will be for discovery this afternoon.

This lovely scene becomes

This one

 The footbridge at Stonesfield changes from this

to this:

and this:

The ford in the valley changes from this, being traversed by the farmer

to this ice up version in February

and this haunting scene from yesterday

the meadow becomes a water meadow

and our favourite picnic spot by the willow goes under water

the meadow as it was a few days ago

All under water now

Gabrielle took this one of me by a children's wigwam.

someone resited these to make a sort of a bridge. By yesterday they were simply floating free

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