Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The catch of a lifetime.

I was staring up into a tree on the bank of the river trying to get a good shot of a fledgling greater spotted woodpecker.

Then I looked down for a moment to the river at the foot of the tree.

To my utter astonishment there it was, larger than life, smiling up at me with a fair sized fish in its mouth


I never thought I would ever see such a thing in the mid day heat, in a small river, in rural Oxfordshire. But there it was. My camera was in my hand

Not the best shot technically; the setting were for a bird flying.

But when I checked the screen, there it was.

I have caught a kingfisher once, and that was wonderful, but this is beyond special.

I have talked to people who say they fish about the otter being here.
I mentioned it in my first post of the nature blog.

But I didn't really believe they were here.

Now, not only have I seen one, I have caught him smiling up at me.

Kudos Mr Nick Owen


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