Sunday, 6 May 2012

Floods recede, but the sun stays away

Poor swans. I wonder what happened to their nests. The waters have receded. But what is the cost? I am pleased with coming close to good exposure with this shot. Just a little bit blown in the centre.

I love these giant roots above the tiny streamlet that grew as deep as the river

Just a reminder of the wild winds and heavy clouds which may not yet be a thing of the past

The first flowering of the trees is over now. The hawthorn should be out now, but it does not seem to grow here

My trial CS6 is yielding me colours which are not quite right. This is a tad oversaturated. I will get it right eventually.

More bluebell enchantment

This is a most unusual piece of debris. Can't think why anyone would have simply left it here. But where did it come from? There were so many things from the last big flood. This one did not have that single vast downpour.
strange debris

the river was not quite at its height here

There is a beauty in the reflections of water left behind by the flooding.

From high on the hill on a gloomy but rainless afternoon we see what is left of the flood waters down below


Pollards. I hate them
This gives some of the flavour of gloom left without the thrill of wind and rain. No signs yet of sunshine.

We saw three heron making off across the far fields the other day. This is one I caught earlier, a couple of weeks ago

Kingfisher corner with a very full river before the flood

The same position a day later with the whole valley inundated

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