Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oak and ash and thorn


There is a lovely old folk song I used to hear called "Oak and ash and thorn", a celebration of the English countryside. It is time for the leaves on the great big trees to come pushing through into the world once more.

The weather has become wintry, which is not what you would expect for late May. the trouble is there are no clear expectations of our weather any more. Even the butterflies are in trouble. Out early in the heat of March they probably wish they had not emerged now.

Oak before ash, there'll be no but a splash

Ash before oak and we're in for a soak

I think the oak is just a little ahead, in spite of the soaking we already had.

Did I post these roots already? I like them so much. The rivulet was quite a stream still at this point.
This is a real art shot. I took it when the flood was very much at the height.
                                                      This was a very peculiar piece of debris. How did it get here ?                       

A day later the river had risen still higher and when I came back it was about 400 yards further down the river. No sign of the drowned calf though.
Eventually the waters went down enough to let us back into the meadow once more. This lovely pool was left behind.

The bluebells have grown really tall on all the water this year; almost too tall.

Little trajedies happen all the time in spring. WEas it the cuckoo we keep hearing who took this one?



waters slowly go down, but there is a long way to go before the flow is normal

The water was spread all across the valley; now it is a shrinking lake

 Sophie almost caught this one. Poor thing was lucky to escape.

Finally the May is out. It is so late this year. |Why?


  1. Wow! How can you do this? These are really so rear shots and wonderful. Red Maple Tree

  2. Great Post thank you.
    I thought you'd like my machinima animation
    The Faerie Trees;
    By Leaf and Bough, Bright Blessings ~

  3. DRNM = dearreadingnichemind of NICK OWENS

    Ur blog data landed in my email box and I followed them

    U are an Oxford person with an A I eye for THINGS

    I have not been to the Ashmolean for quite some time

    I use this dust bin of beauties to show off to visitors

    The café is a nonono and even fotos could not make it invitable

    I discovered Ur tree images all dressed up in leaves

    Now all is nudenaked skeletons stretching upupup for explosion of colours and textures and growth fun

    May be I let the Ashmolean lure me into a solo visit to the adorable Sireliasashmoleesquire in his hair and warm red attire glory

    The word c r i s p swam up when strolling thru UR blog

    Thanx with a spring greedy publishing smile from