Wednesday, 2 May 2012

More pictures of the drought/ er ....floods.

Please do not doubt
It's still a drought

If what you see
Seems wet to me

The water isn't here to stay
It very soon will go away
Or so they say

The forecast is for rain ahead
I recommend you stay in bed

This drought is spreading very fast
They say it's sure to last and last

For very soon the roads will crack
Then sanity might yet come back

I become less and less impressed with the Environment Agency. The little cow is now washed almost anywhere and may turn up on a footpath eventually.

Meanwhile they give a flood alert for Abingdon but ignore the whole valley of the Evenlode being flooded.
I guess there are no roads under water.

Please excuse the dogerral. This drought business becomes more absurd with each passing rainy day.

It has become very real today. The valley cannot be entered. It reached the top of my boots before I could even reach the style or kissing gate.

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