Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bursting the river banks

The wind howled all night. The rain lashed down on us as we finally went out to face it this afternoon. Our hands were rapidly red with the cold.

The bridge at Stonesfield was marooned by flood water on both sides by the time we arrived there. It was up to the parapet by the time we came back from our walk on the other side. Tonight the rain has stopped for a while. But the forecast is for more of it.

Will the waters go on rising?

Gabrielle in her high boots at he marooned bridge

The river is twice the size of a recent picture I took here

This one shows the river off rather well in the gloom

I took a glorious picture of a child gazing at the setting sun here a few days ago.  Now the river has risen ten feet

The pigs mentioned in an earlier post are out on the road again. Such sweet little piggies. Sorry about the quality of the picture. I only had my little camera with me today

The bolters are out by the road again

The river sweeps majestically around one of it many bends

The ground as it was just a few days ago

the river already high yesterday

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