Thursday, 5 April 2012

water water..... but not enough to fill your hose pipe

We now have a hose pipe ban in Oxfordshire. It comes in just as the first rain for weeks arrives.

For a short while there was a downpour yesterday afternoon. But it was a very short while. We will need a horribly wet summer to set things to rights.

Hot weather with sudden thunder storms would be good; except that in the summer they tell us that such water runs away too fast to be useable.

Having shown you the dry streams and pools, I thought I would share river pictures.

This is what we could be losing if rain does not come.

I love the river. Water is essential to life and to my life specifically.

If there is no water in the river, then there will be insufficient water for our taps.

We are as far from the sea as any place in England here. It makes our rivers streams and lakes all the more important.

Kingfisher corner in the grip of winter

a tiny stream half covered in ice

a very dreamy spot at the end of winter

The peculiar charm of the Evenlode as it winds its slow way to the Thames

late spring last year

full summer towards autumn

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